Mother and daughter

When my only child moved thousands of miles away at the tender age of 18, I missed her terribly. The house felt empty without her, and I missed all the things we used to do together. In a desperate (and admittedly somewhat pathetic) effort to fill the void, I created a life-size cutout of my beloved daughter, dressed it in her clothes, and continued to enjoy our usual activities.

When the first emails of her adventures began to reach her, she was mortified. She begged me to stop, to no avail. Flat Kelsey went to barbeques, tea parties, friends' houses, restaurants, hair salons, and street festivals. My daughter then tried ignoring me, but that didn't work either. Flat Kelsey came to work with me; she went dancing; she went on dates and road trips. Click on the links to check out some of her adventures.


Kelsey and the lucky man who stole her away


At a photo shoot

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